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  • Easy way to save objects using the database MS Access.
  • Minimum requirements to use.
  • No additional programming more than INotifyPropertyChanged support.

  • Automatically create an MS Access database on the first run.
  • Connecting to an existing database on next runs.
  • Each submitted class is mapped to a automaticaly created table in the database.
  • Each standart type is mapped to a number or text field in a table.
  • Relations are supported.
  • Custom type properties are supported by creating own table.
  • Access to the database tables through a collection of type ObservableCollection<T>, where T: INotifyPropertyChanged.
  • Added to the collection items automatically stored in the database.
  • Any properties changes to any item in the collection are automatically saved.
  • No additional programming in custom class more than support notification.

Requirements for user-defined type
  • All properties notification support
  • All properties will be stored in the database
  • Properties must be either the standard type (string, int, double, DateTime) or the same user-defined type that satisfies this requirements

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